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Hello everyone and Happy New year! I hope the holidays for full of fun and joy for y’all!

2017 was awesome. We met lots of new friends, built relationships with people all over social media, through hosting events, and just traveling to the closest beach. Our growth has risen to an unbelievable number and we are more than thankful for the support. Now with 2018 upon us, I know its going to be another great year.

We have a new line of products to be released by the spring time and we’re very excited to share. Our goal is to continue to provide everyone with quality material and the quickest delivery possible. If you notice any flaw in products, on any social media page of ours, or if you just want to drop a line through email, please do! You will receive a response in just minutes.

To start the new year off right, Id like to give everyone a complimentary Flociety decal who signs up through the form below. No cost. No shipping fee. Just a small reward from me to you for supporting us through the ups and downs. I seriously can’t think y’all enough.

In the meantime, fill out this form below completely including the name, email and address and I will get you a decal sent out asap. The default color will be white, if you want a different color email me ASAP so I could make that change for you! Flocietyco@gmail.com. Once again, thank you for your support and make sure to hashtag us on Instagram! #Flociety

Fill out the form below to receive a FREE 7 inch DECAL!

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26 thoughts on “Enter to receive one FREE Flociety Decal

  1. Allison says:

    We go to Florida every summer! I will gladly travel the backroads of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri with your decal.?✌??

  2. Dannie Ackerman says:

    I want to say thanks and let you know that I will proudly display your decal. I really appreciate the fact that it is actually free.Thanks so much!!

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