Sunday Funday T Shirt Giveaway !

Good morning and happy Sunday to everyone. I first off would like to start by thanking each and every single one of you for the support throughout our branding process. Two years have rolled on by and it has been nothing but fun and a learning experience. From meeting new people and building relationships with other local businesses, to attending events Iv never even thought of, its been one helluva ride and theres no stopping.

So in my appreciation and thanks to everyone for the awesome support, I thought a giveaway every Sunday would be fun!  Every week on Sunday morning, I’ll post a freebie and give a fair chance for everyone to win. It might be a t-shirt one week and a hat the next, or even a sticker. Who knows. But it’ll be fun and will give everyone a shot to win some FREE Flociety gear 🙂 . Does that sound awesome or what?

Now, theres no need to get all fancy like most companies and write out contest rules or anything like that. Its really simple. Below, I will post the entry form below and you will type in your email address to confirm your entry. Bam. That’s it. No long form to fill out, no test questions, social security number etc lol. You simply enter your email in below so I know who entered and who hasn’t. I will randomly select one lucky person through the sign up form below using a random generator app. Once that lucky winner has been selected, I will send out an email asking for your size and shipping info so I can get that free item sent out to you! Now keep a lookout on the Instagram and Facebook page, which is where I will announce each weekly giveaway and what the item is. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi please take a second and contact me through here or any of the social networks. Good luck and thank you all


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